Alphabets delivers quality ingredients and provides custom formulations for the food, Pharma and Cosmetic industries.

Our people are highly motivated to do what it takes to provide our customers with the best service possible. That’s why we are not just ingredients; we are also trusted ingredient advisors.

We can help your business

We offer top-level Services to meet your international business needs. Our Global Trade Solutions team offers trade and supply chain expertise and a full spectrum of domestic and international trade solutions.
We are your partner in International Trade Solutions!

•    We simply make trade smarter
•    Secure and strengthen your relationships with key commercial partners
•    You trade and negotiate to grow your business
•    Secure and strengthen your relationships with key commercial partners
•    Assume a stronger position to manage the negotiation phase of commercial contracts
•    Your market expands, thanks to our possibilities
•    We give you access to a global market, no matter how local your focus is
•    Be more competitive and agile when operating in, or expanding to, specific markets
•    Your commercial contacts are no longer the people you used to know
•    We bring more trust & transparency along the trade process, identifying all parties
•    Deliver solutions to help mitigate payment risk when you are selling or exporting, and product quality and sourcing risk when you are buying or importing
•    We provide financial confidence along the trade process
•    Provide incremental and innovative sources of liquidity related to your supply chain and trade flows
•    Extract incremental value from your supply chain and trade flows to meet financial targets